Daphne Gerou -- The World As We Know It

November 24, 2012 to December 15, 2012

website: daphnegerou.com

Exhibition Statement

In my work I use narrative imagery that often points to conflicts between nature and culture. I invite the viewer to develop his or her own interpretation of the underlying story that each drawing suggests, as I have found time and again that the objective view often differs, in quite a captivating manner, from my own subjective understanding of the work. This in mind, I also allow my drawings to develop intuitively, without adhering to a too-static idea of how I want the composition to appear.

As I spent my formative years visiting many parts of Europe, from where my family originates, I have developed a sensibility towards classical art and architecture, which has surfaced within the subject matter that I choose to work with. In particular, I am drawn to the contrast between old world aesthetics and the contemporary, mechanized world of today. I am also particularly drawn to the tense compositions and sharp distinctions between light and dark that are prominent in Baroque period painting. This preference is one that is apparent in my overall work.

My current work draws from images of contemporary popular culture, with a sharp focus on popular science-fiction. These are integrated into existing classic compositions that make reference to paintings from modern Western history. I am also employing stills from various films and video games, comic book panels and any other material that speak to the real and/or imagined worlds that are prevalent in popular fiction. In essence, my current work illustrates a hybrid world, one that blends the accepted 'true' reality with the imagined world(s) of contemporary fiction. The fictitious intruder is seamlessly integrated into the overall image, granting it equal status to the world as we know it. The imagined world becomes no less acceptable, nor less believable than its' historic and legendary counterparts.

Artist Biography

Daphne Gerou is a Toronto based visual artist working primarily with graphite on paper. She completed her fine arts education at the Toronto School of Art, and has periodically studied art history at the University of Toronto. Gerou has received grants from the Ontario Arts Council and has steadily exhibited her work in Canada and the US since 2001. Her work has appeared in literary publications, such as Vallum and Fireweed, and has been included in curated exhibitions, respectively at the Turchin Centre for the Arts (North Carolina) and Gallery Aferro (New Jersey). Most recently, she was invited to be juror for the Drawing and Printmaking Awards of the 2011 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

Exhibition Images
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Interview with Daphne Gerou