Katie Belcher -- Field Work

January 18, 2012 to February 4, 2012

website: www.katiebelcherart.com

Exhibition Statement

Through my artistic practice I have been exploring the ways in which humans process experience and build memory, making unusual connections between the objects, literature, spaces, and species by which we are surrounded. I find drawing to be the perfect medium through which to make these explorations. It is immediate and intuitive, and lends itself to evoking experience without defining it.

Field Work presents drawings from The Archive series, which I’ve been working on since 2007. Drawing from both memory and life, I select subjects with a natural tactility intending to represent their weight, texture, and physical presence. The drawings are centrally composed, densely modelled in black charcoal and conté, and make significant use of erasure. Animated by the tonal variations and marks beyond their outer contours, the previously static objects appear to be emerging from or dissolving into the white ground. By alternating between highly realistic representation and loose mark-making and erasure, I aim to capture both the tangible and intangible qualities of a subject.

Using my own experience, found objects and museum archives as a starting point, I exploit the image’s function as a mnemonic resource for myself and other viewers. My drawings examine experiences, how we record and remember them, and what we lose with time and progress. The drawings presented in Field Work are primarily agricultural; tools and machinery, game, bird specimens and structures. They are strongly rooted in my interest in 16th and 17th century Dutch Still Life paintings. My most recent drawing, Collapsing barn combines the spatial complexity of my previously architectural drawings with the techniques and treatment of The Archive subjects.

Artist Biography

Katie Belcher is an artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Halifax). Belcher's drawings have been exhibited in galleries in Nova Scotia and British Columbia. She is the recipient of numerous grants, and has participated in artist residencies both in Canada and Europe. Most recently, Belcher was granted a Canada Council for the Arts residency at Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, France). In addition to her studio practice, Belcher works as the Program Coordinator of MSVU Art Gallery (Halifax) where she has curated three exhibitions. She writes for Visual Arts News and various independent contracts.

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Interview with Katie Belcher