Amber Albrecht -- Plant Portraits

January 17, 2015 to February 20, 2015


Exhibition Statement

For the past few years I’ve been exploring line and pattern in purely botanical subject matter, influenced by my day job as a gardener and my pervasive interest in plant forms. For now I’ve left behind any traces of figures or architecture, and am currently inspired by plant taxonomy, botanical illustration, still lifes, florist photographers and the abundance of vegetative life that I’m constantly surrounded with.

I’m interested in creating images that explore the abundance of pattern and movement found within the plant forms and take special interest in accentuating the negative space within these subjects. Some of these drawings emerge as plant portraits, some as still lifes and others more like living tapestries. I’m trying to capture the subtleties of vegetative life and how it’s always changing and verging on decay, and fully embrace the often decorative nature of the foliage that emerges.

Artist Biography

Amber Albrecht was born and raised on Canada's west coast, in and around the city of White Rock. Following some world travel she settled in Montreal, where she studied Studio Art at Concordia University. She published a book with Drawn & Quarterly in 2012 entitled Idyll. She currently lives on a very small island on the coast of British Columbia, where she spends her time either looking after or drawing plants. She focuses primarily on making ink based drawings and serigraphs, exploring patterns and nostalgia in nature.

Exhibition Images
Line Gallery