Erin Schwab -- Migrating Colony: Flood

March 1, 2014 to March 29, 2014


Exhibition Statement

The quiet relationships of things have always captured my eye. Walking in the woods witnessing the subtle circulation between light and shadow, tension and release, growth and decay, I found myself drawn to the charismatically alien form of a mushroom against the decomposing architecture of the tree. These forms in the act of exchange, a poetic juxtaposition of death and life simultaneously pursuing their own agenda quite apart from us. How do I translate and make tangible the wonder and confusion of coming upon these transitory icons of nature? It is an experience that can’t be described with a gesture or in context. It is an experience that revels in the knurled notches of bark neighbouring the refined ripples of a fungus.

Artist Biography

Erin Schwab was born and raised in Morinville, Alberta, Canada. She received her Fine Art Diploma at Grant McEwan College in 2002 and completed her BFA in Drawing at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2004. Schwab began attending the University of Alberta’s MFA Drawing program in 2004 where she focused her research on filtering the language of traditional botanical illustration and ceramics through the dialogue of contemporary Drawing. In 2006 Schwab graduated with distinction and began Sessional teaching in Drawing at the University of Alberta while managing a Tree Nursery where she had been employed at during her MFA work.

Schwab is currently Head of the Visual Art and Design program at Keyano College in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Schwab has been dedicated in the development of Arts and Culture in the region through her participation in Art Committees for the Airport Authority and the Municipality, the development of the Athabasca Cree First Nations Art Collection and as a member of the of the Arts Council Wood Buffalo and of the Arts Advisory Board for the Alberta Legislative Assembly.

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Interview with Erin Schwab