Zachari Logan -- Hanging Garden

January 18, 2014 to February 15, 2014


Exhibition Statement

For several years, working mainly with large-scale drawing and painting, I have engaged a dialogue involving representations of masculinity and intersecting queer narratives. This work explores my own body as the sole figurative element, subverting both art-historical and literary tropes, along with reference to specific historical stylistic techniques in a critique of existing male experience. In previous work, my body maintained a singular theatrical pose or character. A sign that portrayed an idea or construction, a sort of glyph. Not portraits, in the individual sense, these theatrical “poses” imagined a world unto themselves. Still the catalyst, my body is present within my more recent drawings, but ceases to be the sole focus. This shift in representation is transformative, towards creating images that posit intuitive mood rather than theatrical extravagance. Through the spectacle of plant and animal life and the ambiguity these manifestations impart, I become a spectator as well, imagining my own body not outside nature, but an allegorical aspect of it.

In large part this newer dialogue is a meditation on impermanence. My figure emerges democratically, as does the flora and fauna, creating ambiguous personal narratives along side the manifestation of historic pictorial inference. I remain more or less hidden within the expansive detail of foliage and animal life emergent within the compositions. This emergence, likely mined from Caravaggio’s backgrounds (filled with a mixture of blackness and budding plant life, rather than his figures bathed in light). Coupling this deep murkiness with the patterned coverage of foliage found in tapestry florals, I aim to manifest both naturalistic and decorative imagery exploring the metaphoric as well as the metaphysical.

Artist Biography

Zachari Logan is a Saskatoon based artist working mainly in large-scale drawing. His work has been exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions throughout North America and Europe. Logan has attended residencies in Paris, rural Tennessee, Calgary, Vernon and twice in Vienna, most recently through the Museums Quartier’s quartier21 Artist in Residence Program, in conjunction with Vienna’s Museum of Modern Art. His work has been featured in many publications worldwide.

Exhibition Images
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Interview with Zachari Logan