Sophie Jodoin -- and so uncertain suddenly

November 16, 2013 to December 14, 2013


Exhibition Statement

Jhave (words) & Sophie Jodoin (drawings)

and so uncertain suddenly: an installation of drawings about longing, distance, loss, recognition, relationship, time.

At the heart of the exhibition lies tiny tender love poems - a collaboration between a poet and a visual artist living in distant cities. In a series of twelve small works on paper, excerpts of emails sent from Vancouver have been paired with detritus collected from the streets in Montreal. Individually, the works depict typed sentences or fragments from the inbox with debris silhouetted in black ambiguously suspended above, or supported by, the words beneath: an intimate dialogue between lovers. The interweaving of words and images across the twelve works constitutes a single hybrid visual poem and a portrait of the inherent intricacies and ephemerality pervading a long-term relationship.

Parrying this series are two works in juxtaposition: a large-scale drawing of a discarded birthday bouquet and a small-format image of two hands raised into darkness greeting or forwarding us into this fragile narrative.

and so uncertain suddenly, with its haunting words and ominous drawings blurs boundaries between private and public, between disciplines and vocations, between beings and things. It exists as a temporary testimony overlapping two distinct voices.

Artist Biography

Disquiet and unease reverberate in the work of Sophie Jodoin. Since 2004, she has worked exclusively in black and white. Her austere, minimalist drawings frequently serve as the starting point for large-scale presentations involving collage, painting, video and found objects. Her works have been exhibited internationally in artist-run spaces, private and public galleries, museums and art fairs, and can be seen in the current issues of two periodicals dedicated to drawing: Berlin-based FUKT, and Montreal's HB magazine. She has worked collaboratively on published novels, dramatic works and poetry, and has been awarded a six-month residency during 2014 in London, England by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. She lives and works in Montreal.

Exhibition Images
Line Gallery

Interview with Sophie Jodoin