Mathew Borrett -- Sleeping with the Window Open

February 16, 2013 to March 9, 2013


Exhibition Statement

I like to fill my drawings with tightly woven energy. I build up layers of fine line, some with tight control and others with loose scribbling. When enough layers are down, I defocus my eyes in order to see shapes and patterns that emerge from the semi-randomness, and some of these patterns I refine. The drawings are an organic process - an often uneasy mixture of premeditation and accident, consciousness and unconsciousness.

The subject matter is inspired from many sources, but is rarely drawn with reference to specific places. I enjoy trying to imbue each scene with a sense of having evolved over time. I leave figures out of these places so the viewer is free to wander and inhabit the space, like finding an abandoned building to make their own.

Artist Biography

Mathew Borrett is a Toronto-based artist, working primarily in pencil and ink. Borrett graduated from OCAD in illustration in 1998. His most recent personal work has begun to incorporate techniques developed working as a digital matte painter in the visual effects industry.

Exhibition Images
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Interview with Mathew Borrett